IT Role in Personnel Management

  1. Planning of manpower – With advent in technology the Personnel Manager is able to determine how many employees he needs at any one time as technology has come to ease operations.
  2. Work surveillance – With CCTV installations the management is able to monitor the work performance of the employees at all angles of the organization and note any unwanted behavior.
  3. Security -  current technology gives many options for security like in banks where lesser manpower is needed to guard because IT has solutions that record, save and playback past events that can serve as evidence in case of any security issue arising. Also biometric authentication using human contact is used to guard a sensitive secure place which is better compared to passwords that can be hacked.
  4. Work attendance – IT infrastructure is used to monitor the work attendance by the staff i.e. login and logout using biometric technology which is better compared to when staff used to ask their friends to sign for them on a shift of paper to say they have reported to work while they haven’t.
  5. Training – IT infrastructure can be used to train the staff on different courses according to their needs instead of hiring tutors who can be quite expensive. We see this in use of expert systems by engineering and medical practitioners. Expert systems can be used to train in medical symptoms and their respective cure.
  6. Information dissemination – through emails company management can send to staff information as regards their day to day activities e.g. memos, meeting schedules, and reports which saves a great deal of time which can in turn be dedicated to productive use. We have group collaborative software where individuals can contribute to issues at their own convenient time.
7.       Performance appraisal – Staff can be asked to fill some questionnaires online that can be used in the appraisal process of the employees. An example is the KCA university questionnaire system that requires students to give their views of the performance of their lecturers.
8.       Budgeting – Recent and modern software is used to do budget for employees to make sure their needs are taken care of efficiently. This includes payroll systems that process employees salaries on time and other allowances thus serving as a form of motivation. Also it makes an employer to have only few staff in the accounts department
9.       Work planning schedules for employees

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