How to Back Up Cell-Phone Contacts Online

More and more, cell phones have become our lifelines to the outside world. A 2009 survey for the U.S. wireless industry revealed that 91 percent of the American population uses cell phones. Losing your phone can be a disastrous event, especially since all your contacts will disappear with your mobile. Backing up your contacts on the Internet is the best way to make sure that losing your phone does not alter your ability to communicate with friends, family and business contacts.


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      Open your web browser and go to This site allows you to store your contacts online and automatically sync them with your phone, although not all phones are supported. Click on the orange "Sign up" button and fill in the information on the next page. Hit "Submit" to start backing up your cell phone contacts online. The service is free.
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      Go to Again, not all phones are supported, but the site recommends that you choose a similar model if your phone is not listed. Select the "Create free account!" button on the right-hand side. Fill out the form and click "Register account." You will receive a text message with your password to the number you provided. Enter this in the "Password" field and submit the form. You can now start storing your contacts online.
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      You can also visit Select "Join now" on the right-hand side of the screen. Select your phone model on the next page. Fill in your information and choose "Register and sync." Mobyko is not free, but the site is well-organized, user-friendly, and offers features that the others don't, such as syncing of calendar events and contacts.

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