How do i submit PAYE online

 You can file your return directly online by ;Log in with your password, select RETURN, then fill-in return, select PAYE INCOME TAX WITHHOLDING P10 then select the period of the return, P10 RETURN will be displayed on the screen, complete the return and submitAlternatively and the most recommended way is to complete the return offline using Tax Payer Software(TSW) downloadable free of charge from the portal (, after completing the return log in the system using your password, select RETURN, then upload return, browse and attach the zipped file and submit. For a payment return use sub menu RETURN, ENTERNAL SERVICES then Generate ESLIP. The ESLIP should be taken to the bank for the payment of the tax

  For many EMPLOYEES use EXPORT TO CSV (comma separated value) icon displayed on the right column and work out the P10A  on the spreadsheet. The other way is to work out the P10A in an excel sheet and copy and paste on the CSV file. If you have an accounting software, configure it to produce a report in the form of a P10A and then copy and paste it to the CSV. After completing the CSV save the fileThe next stage is to use IMPORT FROM CSV icon displayed in the right column. You will be directed to open the CSV file and attach. Save and Save for submission. You can then file the zipped file using the process described above. 
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