The fall-out has begun over the Masinde Muliro Public Garden sex photos that have been a hot topic in the Kenyan media.
Mombasa411 has established that one of the women in the sexcapades is a married mama…with two kids.
Now the husband has decided to divorce  the mama after we tracked him to his homestead and SHOWED him the pictures.
Mombasa411 arrived at the sleepy town of Bukura a rural setting 17 kilometres  from Kakamega town at about 2.30pm Friday the 11th March 2011.
We asked for directions for a little village known as Ebutunyi…
After some time we managed to be directed that we will have to take a boda to Ebusashi on the main road to Butere…just before lunza and from then on we head inwards towards the Ebutunyi Village.
Soon after we arrived at Ebutunyi, we encountered a perfect picture of a Kenyan rural setting….a posho mill here…a primary school there and a river further down….on a valley behind Ebutunyi Primary.
Getting to Mzee Ambunya’s residence was no mean feat.
However, after an hour or so, we were under a eucalyptus tree just about to show Mzee Ambunya’s son Etemesi (the husband to Cecilia, the Masinde Muliro girl) the pictures of his loving wife on the receiving end of another man.
True to our fears, Etemesi received the news with shock. He became Irate almost disbelieving.
We asked him whether he recognizes the girl in question and he said yes.
“Ni Cecilia. Ni yeye, Huyo ndio mke wangu.
CECILIA IS PICTURED BELOW after Being ‘Mangwad’ by another man… Muliro Gardens

Etemesi incidentally no longer stays with Cecilia, as she had left for Kakamega some few months back on the pretext that she is selling clothes.
However she comes back home once in a month to bring some stuff for the 2 kids that she left behind at her matrimonial home.
Etemesi refused to be photographed by our team.

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