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A Computer technician, as the name suggests, is a person who has sound knowledge about computer equipment and is all aware about performing various tasks such as installing, repairing, maintenance, updating and all other related aspects of computers. In short, the basic job of a computer technician is to be able to solve all problems that can arise in the computer systems, in fact not just computer, which is actually a generic term, but each and every single part including mouse, keyboards, CPU, laptops, Desktop computers etc. Since computer is a complex machine so there have to be countless different kinds of specialists who can perform all these various tasks.
Computer technician training is a growing and emerging field and a lot of people these days are pursuing it as their career. Being so vast and diverse, people have quite a range of options to consider before becoming a computer technician. You can always opt for the one, where you feel most interested. Once decided, you can start taking all the essential steps to becoming a Computer technician. Following are some of the most important steps you need to take in order to become a good Computer technician:
Getting to know about Computers:
The first and the foremost step is to start learning all the basics about computers. You needn’t necessarily join an institute at this point since it is a very initial stage. Look around and try to gather information about computer systems by yourself. Try to develop interest in the equipment and get started.
Work on Computers:
The second most important step is to actually start using computer and gain maximum experience on it. You could either do that by integrating your own work and shifting it on to the computers or join some kind of a training program which requires you to use computers.
Search for a professional training center:
Once you feel that you have gained enough basic knowledge related to computers, now is the time to look out for a good, professional training center which will actually teach you the technicalities of the machine and provide you hands-on experience by getting a full formal training leading to a college or associate degree. There is no such age limit for becoming a Computer technician and you could also join a training center to become one while you are still studying in a high school.
There has always been an increasing demand for good, professional and skilled computer technicians since the use of computers is huge. So the job prospects are great in this field and the range of salaries differ according to their place you are working in and your prior experience along with your command on this technical job but usually, Computer technicians do end up earning a handsome amount for themselves. Do consider this latest and emerging field of computers and see if you have all the skills to excel and prosper as a good Computer technician.

Computer Technician Job and Work Description

Computers can be found in millions of homes around the globe.  They have become an important asset in the lives of many around the world.  Computers are used for entertainment and business by people from all walks of life.
The increasing popularity of computers has led to a significant demand for computer technicians.  Many electronic experts predict that the demand for computer technicians will increase throughout the years.  This is why many high school career counselors are encouraging their students to become a computer technician.  Students are now being prepared to tackle tomorrow’s computer technician work.
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