How To Get Totally Organized – Once and For All

How To Get Totally Organized – Once and For All

Free Online Tool Finally Organizes All Your Bills and Paperwork

Did you know that Americans paid over $22B in late fees and penalty fees last year?  This is especially bad news, because paying on time is the primary factor in credit scoring.  Bills arrive on different days and are due different times of the month.  Most of the time, we just get busy and forget a due date and that can hurt in more ways than one!
So what can you do?
If you’re like most people, you go through your bills one at a time.  The process can take hours every month, not to mention the valuable space it takes up in your home.
For many people, the process is not that different from what our parents did, apart from writing so many checks.  So where are the incredible new efficiencies promised by the Internet?   
Some people have started taking advantage of online banking and bill payment services now offered by their banks, and this is definitely an improvement.  But this piece-meal approach can be problematic. Consumers still have to interact separately with each company, which means unique user names and passwords to remember for each one.  And, there is still a mass of paper from companies that needs to be filed—like investment statements, health insurance summaries, and policy information.
One password – one secure place
A new service called now tackles this problem head-on. It provides consumers with a single login and secure online location to manage their bills and other important accounts.  It connects directly to all of the businesses you work with—your telephone company, your electric company, your cable company, your credit card—even your health insurance.  You can even manage your bank accounts, 401Ks, subscriptions, and travel & rewards programs.
No more hopping around different websites, worrying where to find important documents or missing payments, and incurring late charges or finance penalties.  It can work wonders for your credit score.
Data safety is also one of the top priorities of the  Their system delivers a level of safety and security that beats that of paper documents, hands down.  Records are encrypted, redundant, and remotely stored—always safe from hackers or a natural disaster.  And, you never have to worry about someone stealing important documents in your mailbox.  That’s important, because 90 percent of information and identity theft is a related to physical mail.
Best of all, it's completely free is subsidized by the utilities, banks, and other companies that benefit from the savings it provides them, so it’s completely free to consumers.  Setting up your account takes just minutes and you’ll start seeing the benefits immediately.
Click here to learn more or sign up for free now.

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