How Small Investors are Making Huge Returns Trading Penny Stocks

How Small Investors are Making Huge Returns Trading Penny Stocks
You may have noticed a lot of buzz lately about Penny Stocks.
Penny stocks are the common stocks of smaller public companies that trade for less than a dollar per share.  Like other stocks, they are regulated by the SEC, but instead of trading on the major markets like the NYSE, they trade on “over-the-counter” markets, which are very accessible to the public.
Today, penny stocks are offering smaller investors a great opportunity to earn significant up-side on their investments, with relatively little risk.
This is occurring for two reasons:
  1. It doesn’t take a lot of money to invest in penny stocks. For the price of just one share in large companies such as Apple or Google, you could buy thousands of shares in most penny stock companies.
  2. Penny stocks have the potential for huge returns.  Because the price per share is so low, they can experience huge price increases – sometimes even doubling or tripling in just one day.  Price jumps like this are simply unheard of in larger companies, but much more common with penny stocks.
Another great thing about penny stocks is that they trade in exactly the same way as shares of larger companies. You can easily track price movements and buy and sell online, or through a traditional broker.
While there is always some risk in owning shares of publicly traded companies, the amount people tend to invest in penny stocks is relatively small, so if the price of the stock drops, investors do not lose significant amounts of money.
But, with thousands of different penny stocks to choose from, how should you go about finding the right ones to invest in?
One website that is exclusively devoted to tracking and recommending penny stocks is  Their team carefully tracks the market for these high potential companies, and then alerts their subscribers with their latest picks.
In fact, their track record is nothing short of outstanding. Every single pick they alerted in 2011 rose shortly after their alert, with their most recent pick skyrocketing from 10 cents to 1.20 in just two weeks. That’s an increase of 1,100 percent! Their members have also seen gains of over 2,500 percent in the past, a number rarely seen in regular stocks.
Best of all, you can subscribe to’s penny stock newsletter 100 percent free. All you need is an email address.
Their newsletter is gathering an increasingly devoted following, and for obvious reasons: Since the newsletter is completely free, it’s very simple to subscribe, take a look around, and track what happens to the stocks they recommend. Once you see how successful their picks are, you will surely decide to jump in on the action yourself. You will never be asked to pay, and if you don’t like the service for any reason, you can unsubscribe at any time you wish.
To start receiving high potential penny stock picks straight to your inbox, join the 100 percent free newsletter today by clicking here.

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