Raficorn Millers

Raficorn flour Millers is a flour milling company located at Eastern kenya-Mwingi near Old Posta grounds,near the small gate to Mwingi market place (marikiti).The company started running from 2008 and has been on top in product quality given that there product are KEBS certicified.
Non governmental organisations also contact this company to produce food products for releif distributions in most cases in mostly the North eastern parts of Kenya and upper Eastern kenya. With a sister cereal selling company (Rafiki Cereals Store), this is a reputable company given that it also distributes cereals and grains to most schools and institutions in the region. The company also has transport facilities so you are well sorted when purchasing from them. Kitui, Machackos and mwingi considering the Garissa Highway from thika Matuu and other parts of the region can get in touch for their products.

Arestus -0725657402

Raficorn Flour millers
Po box 341-90400
Mwingi kenya

By Daves 0727822710

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