MC Influx Swagga Fulani

He is from a very humble beginning; Call it from nothing to a big thing. He is like a bad boy gone good in the eyes of many though he plays a confusing character in that. He is also called the king of the undefined. He loves doing his thing to the best of his ability. Musically, he has a crazy slogan of “Mziki Nafanyia Justice Bila Hata Practice” he has the fastest exploding fan base across the world simply because his Music goings beyond the limits of style and the fact that he is multi talented. That’s the definition of INFLUX SWAGGA.


The artiste also runs a Foundation which goes under his Name (The Influx Foundation) where he is the president and founder. He has donated 20% of his talent income to this foundation including Music albums, Movie and book sales, modeling and advertising commissions and other hidden income which comes with talent. This foundation helps the less-privileged but extremely talented. It focuses on their education and building their lives to better their future. He is also the president of the Multi – Billion project of the Jamox Complex a company with five major elements (departments) including the Jamox Talent Network, Jamox wear, Swaggahood (also called Jamox International Edit) and other two Major Elements withheld from the public domain to facilitate the growth of The Jamox and to be implemented in the near future.

Career History

He is the president of the Jamox Complex. He is is a model with versatile models company kenya when it comes to modeling. He is a director, writer and an actor when you talk about movies and series. He is a writer in novels and books having successfully written “Blood Murder”, and best of all a top musician/rapper in kenya. HIS MUSIC CAREER Music hit his heart at a tender age of 12. He did not showcase his talent at that time because the music he loved was by that time associated with prostitution and thuggery. By the time he was 17 years old, he had won the hearts of many in live performances and talent shows. He then landed at Clemmos studio Calif Records the home of Genge music hence acquiring the famous Genge extension as INFLUX GENGE. He managed to record and publish two hit song from calif records, ongea dada and promise which brought a certain extra ordinary sensation earning him a mass of fans across the world and latter leading to his nomination for the most promising African artiste in a Germany awards. He then noticed he was beyond his annual plan of having a album before the end of the year and started a record label Jamox International Edit.(J.I.E). under the multi-billion project of the Jamox Complex. He released a mini album of the Ndani yangu album with his record label.Sonic sound then noticed his potential of going to the greatest heights and signed him up , there by completing and publishing the full version of the ndani yangu album. The album contained hit songs like ongea dada and promise by calif records, pamoja and no longer from sonic sounds and last night from J.I.E. While in sonic sound he Recorded two albums simultaneously, “Swagga fulani and Last Episode” swagga fulani features the national anthem and the loyalty pledge. Other songs featured are a various artiste song called mabadiliko, nilijua utacall, nikubalie, mr president and nayo nayo a song with has brought him to limelight lately. Last Episode is another album full of controversy, he refuses to reveal weather as the name suggests, he may never record any other album in his life time. This album is a dedication to all his TRUE FANS. It features songs like utakuja lini, ndiyo hiyo, roll dj and kwachua a song with has ruled the kenyan chats for at least four months among others. No other kenyan artiste has ever managed to do a double album, he is the first and most probably the last.

Influx swagga skiza codes

Hotest Skiza Tunes from influx swagga:
Chokoza reply 7023209,
Hitback 7023208,
Nilijua utacall 7023206,
Nikubalie 7023207,
Siku za mwizi 7023205,
Wakenya 7023204. Start with skiza then the code and sent to 811. This applies to safaricom users only eg: skiza 7023208. send to 811

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