Driving schools in Kenya

Driving school

There are many driving schools in Kenya. Some are genuine, others are not. Some offer limited services, others offer specialised training. For example, if your purpose is to become a professional driver, you might want a school that has additional training and certification such as First Aid Course for Drivers, Basic Mechanics and Vehicle Maintenance and Security Driving.
Therefore, before you register with a school, carefully investigate whether it is valid and that they have all the services that you require.  Below is a list of the main Driving schools in Nairobi:
AA Driving School of Kenya
Rocky Driving School
Kenya Institute of Highways and Building technology
National Youth Service Driving School.
Seniors Driving school
Wajimmy Driving school
Glen Edmunds Driving school


  1. Yes it happens everywhere, still there are some fake driving schools exists in the world but we have to ask to someone else, find the reviews,testimonials and feedback of the schools online before taking the course.

    Specially we have to check whether the driving course is approved by the respective state court or not. However you have provided the list schools they might be helpful for if someone wants to take the course.

  2. Before joining in a driving school it is mandatory that you verify that the school is approved by the corresponding court or not and the school is able to fulfill all your needs.

    Even you have to check that they meet all the requirements that are required to get your license or to dismiss your traffic ticket.

  3. Always check whether the driving school is approved by the respective state court or not. If it is approved then only join in that school or else dont prefer to join..