Better sex Are you interested in having better sex with her?

Proceed with caution
Do not criticize your wife. This will have a negative effect. You must be very gentle with your wife. Remember, it's not what you say but how you say it. Be honest about how you feel. Let your wife know that you would like to try new things in the bedroom such as a new position. Make suggestions. Just remember to be very gentle with your approach and avoid making your wife feel inadequate.
Don't be pushy
Once you have spoke with your wife about how you feel don't keep bringing it back up. Say how you feel, make a few suggestions and then give her some time. Your wife will need time because her feelings may be a little hurt by the fact that she is not pleasing you in the bedroom. She will need a little time to herself before she will feel comfortable trying out some of the suggestions you have made.
Be a good listener
Most men automatically think their wives are no longer attached to them sexually. Although this can sometimes be the case, often times it is not. A woman's body goes through an unbelievable amount of changes. Some women as they get older become fearful of showing off their bodies. Your wife may also be going through menopause or have a medical condition that is affecting her sex drive. It is important to talk to your wife but more important to listen.

Give her a gift
If you are still unsure of how to approach the topic of sex with your wife you might consider giving her a gift that lets her know where you are coming from. For instance you could give her a book with different sexual positions or a new sexy outfit. Besides being a nice gesture giving a gift is also a great way to spark up a conversation. This could make it a little bit easier for you to talk to your wife about your sexual wants and needs. In short, don't avoid talking to your wife about sex. Just remember to be gentle and above all be a good listener. a FAN (NAME WITHELD)

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