YouTube Pushes Further Into 3D Video

Lacking some 3D in your online life? You're in luck, as Mozilla Firefox, YouTube and Nvidia have teamed up to bring HTML5-based stereoscopic 3D video to owners of Nvidia's 3D Vision-enabled hardware. Although 3D videos aren't new to YouTube, the service will now transcode these videos into the open WebM format, meaning that Firefox 4 users with Nvidia's 3D Vision hardware and glasses will be able to watch them in 3D.
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For the new format to work, you need to select HTML5 Stereo View in YouTube's 3D section. You'll also need Nvidia's 3D Vision kit, which includes active shutter glasses and a receiver. The kit costs $149.
The new feature obviously won't benefit users of non-Nvidia hardware and browsers other than Firefox. But as the company continues to try and expand the reach of its 3D Vision technology, having YouTube support it is quite a big win for Nvidia.
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Check out an example of a 3D Vision-enabled video below, and see other 3D videos and photos at

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