Top annoying facebook elements

Facebook is the number one social network website in the world. Ever since its launch in 2004 the popularity graph of Facebook has never gone down. As of January 2011, Facebook has more than 600 million active users. The social interaction that Facebook provides is great as we can find many old friends and get to know all the latest happening of our interest, simply on our screens.

Beside having immense use and popularity many people agree that Facebook is not good to use due to reasons, some are known some are known. There are other people who use Facebook but don't like some parts of it. Lets discuss below some of the social disabilities, negatives and annoying bits there are in using Facebook.

Unknown Friend Requests :
This is the most common problem which many of the Facebook users face. Getting friend requests from unknown people is actually a disturbing part of using Facebook. If we look in our real lives, how often do you get people asking you to be their friends. Imagine yourself walking on the road and suddenly a person comes out from no where asking he wants to be your friend ! What will be your initial reaction be to such a question. This is what the problem is, despite Facebook being a real time social networking website it gives out opportunity to people to go against what is socially accepted.

Fake Girl Profiles:

Other point to be focused on is the increasing number of fake girl profiles which are there. These profiles have thousands of friends in them and are mainly used for selling some online product or anything else similar. There is nothing wrong in my opinion of such profiles being there, its just how these profiles can exploit the real social experience which Facebook was meant to be.

I Know You But I Can't Add You:
This is an annoying yet funny situation in which you can't add up some people even if you know them. They could be office colleagues, someone who is in the gym with you, your ex, mom or dad, old nerdy class fellow or any other person you most like to be away from. Well there are Facebook privacy options which you can use to add them and keep such people away from your stuff, but still such people with their friend requests are disturbing.

Facebook Game Requests:

Facebook games are very popular among people and are played at a very high number. The games are fun to play and are a very good way to pass time, but if you are not a fan of playing games the picture on the left side could be the case with you. This problem is faced by alot of people out there who just hate all the game requests and the end have to block these games from showing up the notifications to play or send a gift to your friend.

Video and Picture Tagging:
When you post a picture or video, Facebook allows you to tag your friends in it so they can be notified. This is a good feature but what happens next is not good, because every time someone will like or comment there will be a direct notification on the screen which is disturbing if you are doing some work. There are options which can help you to stop the tagging and notifications but you can't completely stop them because there might be some important videos of pictures you can miss by doing that. Its totally your choice at the end.
Facebook survives by giving its users a nice environment to catch on different stuff. There are always positives and negatives, Facebook may have a few annoying ones but still it provides a good platform  to interact with people but the users should keep the social ethics alive while using it. So no more friend requests from unknown people right !

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