Nairobi’s Matatu routes

Nairobi is home to approximately 3.5 million people, spread in over a hundred estates and communities, and an estimated 28% of Kenyans have visited Nairobi at one time or another. About three quarters of these people use matatus  for transport to and from work every single day.  National census of 2009 also puts figures of  rural-urban (read, rural-nairobi) migration at 26% from 9.9m in 1999 to 12.5m in 2009 an average of 32.4% of the whole population in 2009. These people come to a city with very little information about where they are headed and where to alight and where to board a bus from etc. But this is not only a problem for those new to the city, it is a problem to almost all of us. The sheer vastness and number of estates in Nairobi makes it almost impossible to know all the routes to to these places, let a lone matatu numbers, and prices. In case you were once in such a situation, you are faced with two options, to ask anyone on the street (sometimes not very wise in Nairobi) or to ask someone you know. The problem with the former is apparent, while in the later, there is a chance thet they too may not know.

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