List of Prominent Akamba

The Honourable Paul Joseph Ngei (18 October 1923 - 15 August 2004) was a Kenyan politician who was imprisoned for his role in the anti-colonial movement, but who went on to hold several government ministerial positions after Kenya became independent.

Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka (born December 24, 1953) is a Kenyan politician, currently serving as Vice President of Kenya.
Charity Kaluki Ngilu (born 1952) is a Kenyan politician. She was Minister of Health from 2003 until 2007 and was appointed as Minister of Water and Irrigation in April 2008. Ngilu was born in Mbooni, Makueni District in 1952. She worked as a secretary for Central Bank of Kenya, before becoming an entrepreneur. She acted as a director of a plastics extrusion factory.

Mutula Kilonzo is a Kenyan politician and Senior Counsel, currently serving as Minister of Justice after having previously served as the Minister for Nairobi Metropolitan. He belongs to the Orange Democratic Movement-Kenya and was elected to represent the Mbooni Constituency. Educated at Mbooni Primary School and Machakos High School before joining University of Dar es Salaam in 1969 graduating with a First Class Honors’ Degree in Law — the first in the East African region. In the National Assembly of Kenya in the December 2007 parliamentary election. He was Minister for Nairobi Metropolitan Development until being appointed as Minister of Justice and constitutional affairs on 4 May 2009. He previously served as private attorney to now retired President Moi. Mutula Kilonzo made his debut in parliament as a nominated M.P for K.A.N.U in January, 2003.

Kakai Kilonzo (born 1954 in Kilimanbogo, Machakos District - died 1987) was a musician from Kenya. He led the band Kilimambogo Brothers.

Cosmas Ndeti (born November 24, 1971) is a three time winner of the Boston Marathon. He was the winner of the 1993, 1994, and 1995 races. He set the course record in 1994 with a time of 2:07:15, which was also the best marathon performance in 1994.[1] That course record stood for 12 years until it was broken by one second when Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot, a fellow Kenyan, won the 2006 race.

Michael Musyoki (born May 28, 1956) (aka Mike Musyoki) is a former long-distance runner from Kenya who won the bronze medal in 10,000 metres at the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Benson Masya (May 14, 1970 – September 24, 2003) was a Kenyan long-distance runner and marathon specialist, who competed in the late 1980s and 1990s. He participated at the inaugural IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in 1992 and finished in first place.

Patrick Ivuti (born June 30, 1978, Machakos, Kenya) is a Kenyan long distance athlete who currently resides in Nairobi, Kenya. He won the Chicago Marathon held on October 7, 2007 with a time of 2:11:11
Patrick Musembi is a person with very strong business acumen and always see opportunities in all spheres of life.
Ken Wa Maria A kamba benga musician, leader of yatta boys band

Kativui Mbatha A kamba benga musician, leader of Kyaume boys band

7 Kamba Proverbs.
1. A woman's stomach does not grow if she is not pregnant.

2. All monkeys cannot hang on one branch.

3. An old man doesn't know what makes him herd again.

4. Despite your bark, you'll be eaten.

5. One in the woodpile does not laugh at one in the fire.

6. Only a medicine man gets rich by sleeping.

7. The person who has not traveled thinks his or her mother is the best cook.

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