KRA pin checker/ Validity of kra pin number

PIN is not available in KRA Databases
In such a situation whereby the online service informs you that the PIN number is not on the KRA database, kindly visit the nearest KRA office with a copy of your national id if in this case the PIN is for an individual, but if the PIN is for a company then carry along a copy of the Company's Certificate of Incorporation. The same applies for cases where the system informs a user that the data provided is not consistent with that at KRA.

The Kra website also has a pin checker, if you are not sure whether the pin you have is yours you can log in to the system and check online. This also applies to those who have forgotten their full names as indicated in the pin. This comes as lot of people have complained with not being able to know whether they are the owners of the Kra pin numbers they have. With that option you can also check whether the Kra pin you have is a valid one.
Once you visit the site you will be able to locate the option where it reads PIN CHECKER log in to it and you will be required to enter your pin number then validate.

The next page that loads will display the pin number together with the Individual or owner of the pin.

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