Kra application procedure/process/Downloading

By Daves Solomon
Imarce Solutions  June 2011

This page has been specifically created to help people apply for KRA PIN number or download kra pin online in Kenya without problems and to shorten the time it will take you to apply and get the KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) PIN. The issuance of PIN has been fully automated following the successful launch of electronic registration services. The use of Personal Identification Number (PIN) has also become mandatory in most offices thus it is important to know how to apply for the KRA pin online.


1. Visit the KRA's website by typing the following in your browser or simply click on this link:-

On your right hand side you will notice an area written "Online services", below there, click on "Tax payer registration".
Taxpayer Registration

2. On the new window that opens, below the message "Welcome to KRA Online services.
Please enter your 'User Id' and 'password' to access the system services". click "on new tax payer".
New Taxpayer

3. On the new tax payer window, which is written "Pin assignment for new tax payer", select whether you are applying pin for Resident, Non-Resident or Company. Then click on validate.
Select appropriate button

4. A new window opens where you have to fill the following details:- ID Number, Date of Birth of applicant, District of Birth of applicant, (these fields are mandatory). Then youcan also fill Mother's last name and Father's last name, although these two are not mandatory. Then you will have to type the year of birth of the applicant and then click on validate.

5. If the information you have entered is correct, a new window will open with some of your details like Father's and Mother's name already pre-recorded.

6. Now fill in the following details correctly, the ones marked by an asterisk are a must; for physical address, City/town, Street/road, building/location, Area code, Lr No.

For postal address, fill in the Box No and postal code.

For telephone fill in the landline and area code, and mobile.

For Email address, enter your email address and make sure you enter the correct email address because that is where your pin will be sent.

The other information to fill is your Main business activity and lastly the tax payer obligation.

Once you are satisfied the information you have given is correct, tick the check box at the bottom and then submit your form.

After submiting you will get a page saying;

Thank you, Dear Customer, Your registration has been successful, Your PIN and password will be sent to the email address provided by you for reconfirmation, as well as security stamp that is also sent, whose content must be enter also next time you log in.

Please change your password the first time that you will connect to KRA.

7. Now you can open another window for your mail and check the details that have been sent to your email account. These are, your Pin, Password, and security stamp.

8. Go back to the KRA Website and at the top right hand side click on Main menu. Once the main menu opens, input your pin, password (you can copy paste these) and the security stamp (if the security stamp is not clearly visible, you can dowload it). Then you click on the log in button.

9. In the next window that opens, you must change your passsword, so input a new Password which should be of 8 characters were 6 of them must be letters and 2 must be numbers. Note down your password incase you forget.

10. Now to print your Pin certificate, click on main menu and under the Registration Application click on the Registration Certificate. Now you can print your Pin certificate.

The process of KRA online pin application should take you just a few minutes. If the explanation was helpful if there is an area that needs improvement, you can tell me.

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